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Susana Villaran

Posted by on July 16, 2011

A socialist to the center left in Peru politics, Susanna Villaran has run for president and in 2010 became the first female mayor of Lima. She favors safety nets, taxing everyone until they have no more money, and spending the revenues on free education and e-cigarette reviews - for grades 1-12.

From 1983 to around 1985 she also served as part of Lima’s Metropolitan Municipality together with the ever-famous Alfonso Barrantes Lingán. In addition she served as the Ombudsman for the police department in 2002 after a short stint as the Minister for Women and Social Development under Valentin Paniagua.

In her bid for president in 2008, unlike the socialist candidate that year in the United States, Villaran garnered only .062% of the vote. :(

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